On the Tuesday, April 21 KGVO Radio Talk Back show, Josh Van de Wetering, attorney for fired Missoula County Deputy and former Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said his client wants her day in court.

"I was appalled that the sheriff's office would go out of their way to say that Paige was fired in a press release when we haven't even had an opportunity yet to answer any of the allegations, or let alone file any response," Van de Wetering said. "The press release in itself is a violation of Paige's constitutional right to privacy in her personnel records. In fact. her very firing itself is improper."

Van de Wetering says the action by the sheriff's department is politically motivated.

"She denies these allegations. They are trumped up charges and are part of a political vendetta for her support of Josh Clark," he said. "We're prepared to prove that in a court of law. The sheriff's department has not allowed her to defend herself properly, but we will be in court and we will prove that these allegations are false."

Van de Watering was asked about the involvement of the county attorney's office in the charges against his client, in that it was that office that placed her on what is called 'The Brady List'.

"I think that's very possible, and I think a lawsuit against the sheriff's department may well include, or probably will include some allegations against the county attorney's office for that very reason."

Van de Wetering said he does not want to attempt to try the case in the media.

"That's why I want to get to court. When I file a complaint, I can lay the whole story out."

KGVO invited the sheriff or a representative of the department to appear on the program at any time.

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