Another inmate at the Missoula County Detention Center has tested positive for COVID 19, according to Missoula County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jeannette Smith.

“The Missoula County Detention Facility had its third positive case of COVID-19,” said Smith. “The information that was provided by the inmate prompted jail staff to initiate pre-established operating guidelines and isolated the inmate in an area that's designated for that purpose. Then a COVID-19 test was initiated and the test results came back quickly confirming that the individual was positive for COVID 19.”

Smith explained what happened after the initial test.

“The inmate will remain isolated in the detention facility monitored closely and treated by detention center nursing staff,” she said. “When the inmate has been cleared by a public health nurse, then the inmate will no longer be in isolation.”

Smith said the detention center has strict protocols in place to detect and isolate inmates who may be ill.

“The pre screening through booking and the isolation of the inmate are measures and guidelines that the Detention Center takes to ensure that if an inmate comes in sharing that they've had a close contact or they have symptoms that keep them from going into the general population until that individual has been cleared,” she said.

The Missoula County Detention Facility is working closely with Missoula City-County Health Department to continually evaluate additional measures, if needed, to ensure the health and safety of inmates and detention staff. To ensure the health information of the individual remains protected, the date the individual was booked into the detention facility will not be provided.


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