Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - John Schneeberger, a self-described ‘American Liberal and Democrat’ is running for Montana Senate District 43 in traditionally Republican Ravalli County.

Schneeberger spent the nine o’clock hour on the KGVO Talk Back show asserting that elections in the U.S. are under attack.

“I feel strongly about the fact that elections are under attack from supporters of ‘The Big Lie about a stolen presidential election,” began Schneeberger. “I believe elections are now more accurate than they have ever been, and that we need real reform and not more voter suppression, and that true reform would look something like rank choice voting, automatic voter registration or online registration. I think we should be making it easier to vote, not harder.”

Schneeberger was pleased that the Montana Supreme Court overturned several election laws passed by the 2021 Montana Legislature.

“I was very heartened by the fact that the Supreme Court overturned those four bills that were passed by the legislature last year, which I believe all impacted the ability and demonstrably empirically reduce the number of people voting,” he said. “I'm glad that those were overturned, but we still have this notion that's undermining faith in our election system, that there's massive voter fraud going on and a massive conspiracy going on.”

In deep red Ravalli County, Schneeberger proudly stated his political affiliations.

“I'm an American liberal and I'm a Democrat and I have other issues that I would like to talk about and we need to remember that,” he said. “In the United States of America with federalism, election laws are made at the state level, and it's the patriotic duty of all Americans to safeguard the Republic by safeguarding the integrity of elections.”

Schneeberger said even though there may have been some irregularities in the 2020 federal election, there were no major problems.

“The whole issue that is being conflated with is ‘Oh, yeah, there were some irregularities here and there on the individual level, a handful here and a handful there’. Therefore, all of a sudden 10 million votes nationwide showed up out of nowhere, and so I think various people use that concern about election security, and then they extrapolate to some grand conspiracy, which just was not the case.”

Republican State Senator Jason Ellsworth is the incumbent in Senate District 43.

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