MCPS Superintendent Dr. Alex Apostle is taking nothing for granted when it comes to school safety.

Dr. Apostle commented Thursday that he is very much against the idea of arming teachers in Missoula schools, however, he wants to make sure classrooms are as safe as they can be. Apostle sat down with Missoula police officials Thursday morning for a frank discussion about school safety, and he said he was completely impressed with the willingness of the department to help any way they can.

Monday morning, students, teachers and parents encountered officers outside each MCPS elementary school, and according to patrol captain Chris Odlin, the officers will continue their presence until further notice.

Apostle said he listens carefully to students as they talk amongst themselves about how this individual or that from another school may pose a threat, so, rather than ignoring the student, he takes whatever steps he deems necessary to negate the possible threat.

Apostle reiterated his call for a task force of educators, parents, law enforcement and community members to discuss school safety sometime in the new year, so that positive changes can be made to enhance security.

Superintendent Alex Apostle