Spring rain can bring all sorts of problems for everyone. Even the military. For anyone who has ever ventured off road in Spring, you have probably noticed that things are a little more "greasy." For anyone who has ever ventured off road near the Missouri breaks, in central Montana, "greasy" is an understatement.

As someone who experienced first hand what a little precipitation can do to a truck in the Missouri breaks, it is not pretty. The dirt is mostly clay, which turns into, what we like to call "gumbo." It sticks to your tires and will easily fill your wheel well. It is also nearly impossible to get out of.

Our friends in the Air Force recently found this out the hard way. While patrolling Minute Man III missile sites near Grass Range, MT, a group of Air Force security forces got their Humvee stuck in the "gumbo." And it has been their for nearly a week. After 3 failed attempts to free the Humvee from the mud, they are still looking to get it pulled out.

Think it is time to call the Army or the Marines. They know how to deal with mud.


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