This week we're going behind the headlines for a look at what we can do to get ready for Spring.  More often than not, it's what we can do to catch-up to Spring!  Roses and trees are among the most challenging plants around the home and garden.  Western Montana's climate offers enough diversity that warm winters treat plants and trees much differently than cold winters.

Bev Gutman, owner of Marchie's Nursery, directs special attention to roses and trees.  Pruning, feeding, and planting are all part of today's program. 



Sometimes, we've got the enthusiasm but not the inspiration.  If you're in the mood to update your landscaping or develop a plan for starting fresh, visit the HGTV website.

They have great ideas on what's popular, what's new, and the top trends.  And, there's plenty of how-tos for beginners and more experienced hands.