It was 22 years ago that Craig Johnson walked into a radio studio in Missoula and met Alan K, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Craig and Al have been together on two different radio stations in Missoula, first on Z-100, the classic rock station, then, they were wooed away by KYSS-FM, where they have been till now.

On Monday, February 24, Craig and Al announced the end of their professional relationship was at hand.

"We are ending the Craig and Al morning show," Johnson said. "Our last day on the air will be Friday, March 7th, after almost 22 years. Al is retiring, while I will be heading to another radio station in mid-April."

Al said they first met in 1992.

"What was it, 1992?," Alan K said. "Craig walked into the studio where I was being the news guy, he said 'Hi, I'm Craig', and I said 'Hi. I'm Al, and we just went on from there."

Both men said it was their focused intent to keep the show 'small-town radio'.

"Birthdays, bar-mitzvas, lost dogs and found cats," Johnson said. "that's just one of the many ways we keep in close touch with what Missoula's all about."

Their replacements on Townsquare Media's KYSS-FM will be Mike and Sharene, both new to Missoula, and Craig and Al will be introducing them to the audience over the next week.

Thanks for the memories...there will never be another Craig and Al.

Craig and Al on KYSS-FM


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