Missoula County Sheriff Carl Ibsen issued a news release on Tuesday, March 4, thanking those who volunteered during last Friday's fatal avalanche in the Rattlesnake area.

"What a terrific place," Ibsen said. "Within minutes of the slide, zillions of people showed up with shovels and probes to assist. People were even showing up after the victims had been recovered out of the avalanche. One guy showed up with what looked like a farm tractor with a scoop on it. The restaurants brought food up for the people, and it just went on and on."

Ibsen said there were so many volunteers, they were able to work in shifts.

"We all know how draining it can be to shovel snow, but we had enough people so that some could stand back and wait and then relieve the ones who got tired," Ibsen said. "We had response from as far away as the Flathead, but the people in Missoula were especially amazing."

Ibsen said he just wanted to say..

"Thank you...thank you very much, in great big letters," he said.

Missoula County Sheriff Carl Ibsen