A decision today, December 7, upheld a Montana law concerning judicial candidates in non-partisan races.

"The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the State of Montana's restrictions on judicial candidates seeking partisan political endorsements are Constitutional that the state of Montana does have authority under the U.S. Constitution to put restrictions like this in place, it is a big win for Montana's non-partisan judicial elections," Montana Attorney General’s Office spokesman Eric Sell.

Sell says the ruling does not extend to individuals, just political parties.

"The case is French v. Jones, and it doesn't restrict individuals endorsing candidates or candidates touting endorsements from individuals it is limited only to political parties and organizations affiliated with political parties like local central committees, Republican or Democrat central committees, or state committees," Sell said.

Attorney General Tim Fox said he was pleased with the decision adding “The people of Montana decided our judicial elections should be nonpartisan, and the Court’s decision respects and protects the will of the people.”

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