Missoula Police received a call from the mother of an 8-year-old girl in Illinois because her daughter was hoping to send some gifts to the department. According to Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, Arianna Nichols enjoys sending handmade gifts to police officers and firemen.

“She makes little beaded plastic crosses in all different colors and she sends them to different agencies around the country,” said Welsh. “Her mother asked if Arianna could send some of these little crosses to the Missoula Police Department because she believes they may help keep us safe.”

Welsh says they received the package from Arianna on Monday.

“It contained a bunch of these little crosses that she makes and she signs the back of them,” Welsh said. “She makes them in all different colors. She included a note basically expressing her fondness for police officers and firemen and what we do. She hopes that we stay safe. I distributed them amongst some officers and civilian personnel here in the police department and took some photographs.”

Those photographs can be seen at the Missoula Police Department facebook page. Welsh is currently in the process of putting together a care package to send to Arianna.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Police Department Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Missoula Police Department Facebook