Missoula dealt with some extreme weather this winter and spring and all of the snow, snow-melt and fluctuating temperatures did a number on the city's streets.

According to Missoula Street Maintenance Superintendent Brian Hensel, reports of approximately five to ten potholes have been pouring in every day.

Here's how to report a pothole in Missoula:

"You can call us at 552-6330 and that will give you the mainline to the street division," Hensel said. "If we don't answer, please leave us a message with the address and location, also, your name and a phone number so we can get back to you if there's a problem."

The online reporting method may be even easier.

"We also have, on our Street Division website, a report a pothole button," Hensel said. "Just hit that link and it will prompt you for all of the information. We get those sent directly to our office and we'll get them taken care of."

Hensel says that the warmer weather has helped street crews catch up on the number of potholes.