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After being cooped up inside all winter, most Missoulians want to spend every possible moment outside as the weather begins to turn warmer — even at mealtime. Luckily, many Missoula restaurants boast awesome outdoor seating areas to accommodate the summer crowd. Here are five local al fresco favorites:

Many Missoula restaurants boast awesome outdoor seating areas. Here are five al fresco favorites.

The Old Post





The deck behind the Old Post provides a great atmosphere any time of the day, whether you’re enjoying a tasty weekend brunch or an evening cocktail. The wooden framing and decorative vegetation give the area a casual, relaxed vibe — not to mention a few spots of shade for those of us who burn easily.


The Iron Horse





The I-Ho has one of the largest outdoor patio areas in town, which is a good thing, as it is a very popular spot during the summer months. As an added bonus, there is a sweet fireplace to help keep you warm long after the sun goes down.







Sapore’s half-indoor, half-outdoor front patio is pretty darn cool — both visually and functionally. Diners have an entertaining view of Higgins Avenue, and if downtown Missoula is hit with a surprise summer thunderstorm (a common occurrence in Western Montana), customers can easily slide their tables underneath the overhang.


Finn & Porter





As far as scenery goes, you really can’t beat the view from Finn & Porter’s riverside deck, which overlooks the mighty Clark Fork and the Kim Williams Trail. Plus, the rushing water creates a refreshing cooling effect — perfect for a hot summer evening.


Stone of Accord





It might not have the best view, but the patio at this North Reserve Street hotspot is spacious and comfortable. And of course, the food and drinks are always delicious!