Missoula is home to some of the best restaurants, bakeries and cafes around. But whether you’re a local resident or a tourist who is just passing through town, deciding where to dine can be a little overwhelming with so many great choices. Here’s a list of Zoo Town fare that won’t disappoint.

  • 1

    Pizza at Biga Pizza

    This little pizza joint cleaned up in the recently announced Best of Missoula awards, and for good reason. The chefs there use fresh, local ingredients to create unique flavor combinations that will satisfy and inspire you. My pick? The Flathead Cherry pizza, which I crave on a near-daily basis.

    Photo courtesy of I'm George/Flickr
  • 2

    Noodle bowls at Sushi Hana

    This downtown hotspot is best known for its ever-popular Dollar Sushi Night, which happens every Wednesday evening. But, if you’re craving something a little less raw, check out the tempura shrimp and vegetable noodle bowl, which features huge chunks of veggies and tempura mixed with succulent udon noodles in a hot, savory broth.

    Photo courtesy of Social Geek/Flickr
  • 3

    Burgers at the Red Bird Wine Bar

    At first glance, the Red Bird might seem a little too fancy for your taste (and your budget), but if you order the burger — which is topped with caramelized onions, bacon and cheese — you and your wallet will leave happy and satisfied.

    Photo courtesy of KayOne73/Flickr
  • 4

    Burritos at El Diablo

    There are a zillion burrito shops in Missoula, and they’re all pretty good. But, in my book, nothing beats a carne asada burrito with extra grilled veggies from El Diablo, which is located a couple of doors down from Grizzly Grocery on South Higgins. It’s a quick, healthy and tasty way to fill up when you’re in a hurry.

    Photo courtesy of BrownGuacamole/Flickr
  • 5

    Apple crunch rolls at Great Harvest

    They are soft and chewy on the inside, and sweet and crunchy on the outside. And once you try one, you’ll be addicted — trust me. The outer crust is probably made of pure butter and sugar, but who cares — it’s delicious! Plus, there are chunks of apple baked into each roll, so technically it counts as a serving of fruit, right?

    Photo courtesy of Deborah Fitchett/Flickr