Strong winds are expected to hit Missoula tomorrow around noon, National Weather Service Meteorologist Dan Zumpfe has details.

“We are seeing a storm system come near western Montana that will create some wind gusts possibly in excess of 60 mph from the east and this will probably be hazardous for people traveling about the area and people being outside,” said Zumpfe.

Missoula won’t be the only area hit by the winds, snow is expected in areas further east.

“Gusts will be ranging anywhere from 40 to 60 mph,” Zumpfe said. “We had a cold front and the storm system associated with that cold front is lifting up from the south over the Snake River Plain. Actually places south of us like Butte, Salmon and Idaho are going to see some snow with the wind.”

Zumpfe says that wind speeds will increase through the afternoon, peaking sometime between 3 and 5.

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