25 year-old Logan Christopher appeared in Ravalli County Justice Court on Thursday to hear charges that he murdered his mother, the mother of his two children, and critically wounding his father in his trailer near Stevensville.

Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright detailed the charges against Christopher.

“He's facing two charges of deliberate homicide, one charge of attempted deliberate homicide and five charges of criminal endangerment for the crimes that took place March 10th,” said Fulbright.

Fulbright described what happened inside Christopher’s fifth-wheel trailer on Tuesday evening.

“He is charged with shooting and killing his girlfriend who was the mother of his two children, ages three and one,” he said. “He is also charged with shooting and killing his mother, a 47 year-old Stevensville resident and trying to kill his father, a 57 year-old resident in Stevensville.”

Fulbright said the criminal endangerment charges deal with the danger in which Christopher placed his children, as well as other actions.

“The criminal endangerment charges come from the fact that the three year-old and one year-old children were both in the fifth-wheel trailer at the time of the shootings that killed his mother and his children’s mother."

"He then left the scene in his car, a black Camaro, and was involved in a long pursuit at very high speeds in excess of 130 miles per hour, and when he arrived in Missoula at speeds of over 85 miles per hour. He ultimately crashed his vehicle in the yard of a residence just off of Sussex in Missoula.”

Fulbright said the investigation into narcotics in the incident is ongoing, however, a urine sample recovered from the suspect showed signs of cocaine in his system, and there was also a quantity of a white substance recovered at his house where the shooting took place.

“His parents had some kind of confrontation discussions with this young man about his use of drugs,” he said. “This is a very, very tragic circumstance in which the three year-old and one year-old were present. A family was torn apart by this, of course, however there is some great community support as the community is rallying around the survivors.”

Christopher appeared in court on Thursday where his bond was set at $2 million.


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