With 28 felony cases in process this past week, the Missoula County Attorney’s office was much busier than normal. According to Missoula County attorney Kirsten Pabst, there were a lot of violent crimes.

"Seven of those were violent crimes and five of those were family related violent crimes, including Parnter or Family Member Assault first offense, second offense and third offense. One of those was an assault with a weapon and an assault on a minor that included an assault on a partner as well at the same time."

One of the assault cases involved an individual who was attacked while playing a game on his smart phone.

"There were two aggravated assault involving non family members," Pabst said. "One young man was severely injured while playing a reality game called Ingress. There were multiple property crimes as well including four burglaries,  three of them involved codefendants  that broke into and stole some landscaping equipment from the hospital."

Pabst says her office also handled cases involving deceptive practices and the exploitation of an older person.

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