22 owners in The Hollywood Mobile Home Park off of North Russell Street have less than two weeks to respond to a series of court complaints that will end with evictions if not dealt with. KEI Property Management Attorney Thomas Orr says trying to determine just who all the park residents are has been difficult.

"Right now we are attempting to, one: determine the identities of all of our park residents, which is somewhat problematic given the kind of the transient nature of some of our residents. Then two: to address rule violations and failure to make rent payments," Orr said.

Orr says only about four of those facing rent or rule violations had responded in an effort to correct things. Which means that evictions will likely occur sometime in August for many.

"Right now we are working with about, somewhere in the area of about 25 owners that have not paid or are delinquent," Orr said. "Our goal is not to make families homeless, but simply to get people in compliance so we can maintain and operate the park in a much more productive manner."

Orr says the Hollywood Mobile Home Park has also asked the police department to make them a point of contact when residents of the park become a law enforcement concern.

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