Absentee ballots will hit the mailbox Monday and begin their journey out to the thousands of Montanans that are registered to vote.

"We're sending out over 211,000 of those on Monday; hat's actually over 30 percent of the state's registered voters," said Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch. "Two years ago in 2012 we sent out 314,000 absentee ballots and received back almost 290,000."

At this point in time, it looks like there will be less absentee turnout, but that could change as there is still time for folks to register to vote.

As of Monday at 5:00 p.m., the number of places at which one can register to vote will significantly diminish. The start of the late voter registration period on Tuesday means that folks will no longer be able to register at the DMV or in a registration drive, they'll need to go to the county clerks office.

Those that plan to vote in Lewis and Clark county will have to hurry to beat the Secretary of State.

"I always go in on the first day and, actually, I'm usually the first person to vote in Lewis and Clark County," McCulloch said. "I like to do that and talk about voting and absentee voting, and get the process started."

McCulloch says she has already decided how she'll vote on Monday by using her My Voter's Page and printing out a sample ballot. Of course, anyone else who has registered can do the same.