Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The general election absentee ballot for 2022 is being mailed out today (Friday, October 14) and chances are that thousands of Missoula County voters will find their ballot in their mailbox by Monday.

KGVO reached out to Missoula County Election Supervisor Bradley Seaman for details on the absentee ballot.

“Today Friday, October 14, we are mailing out absentee ballots to voters who have requested them for the upcoming election,” said Seaman. “In Missoula County voters should start receiving their ballots as soon as tomorrow with their mail delivery. With this, it's important to note that for this year's election, you need to request a ballot to come to you in the mail, and the best way you can confirm this information is to check online here.”

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For those who find themselves without a mail-in ballot by early next week, Seaman explains how the website can help.

“If you are signed up to get a ballot in the mail, the website will say your absentee status and the address that ballot was mailed to, or if you prefer to vote at your local polling place,” he said. “You can confirm that information on myvoterpage@mt.com  as well. So voters should expect to see them in the next few days, but if you haven't got one come Monday or Tuesday, check online,  confirm that information and reach out to our office. We have a lot of options to void that ballot and replace it if there's a mistake in the information you provided to our office.”

Seaman said instead of filling out the ballot as soon as it arrives, take some time to review the voter guide and make an informed decision when casting your vote.

“One of the very nice features we hear about with the absentee ballots is the opportunity to research the issues, the ballot issues, and the candidates that are on your actual ballot,” he said. “We always want voters to make an informed decision. Also, many of the political campaigns that are giving you those phone calls and text messages, or coming by your house actually use the list of people who are receiving a ballot and the list of people who turned a ballot in to know who to talk to.”

Seaman explains what to do once your ballot has been completed and properly signed.

“In Missoula County, the postage is prepaid, so you can drop it in any mailbox,” he said. “Also, we have ballot drop off located here at (The Election Center) at 140 North Russell, so you can drop a ballot off here at any point in time, or you can take that with you to a polling place on Election Day. So there are lots of options for voters.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, and same-day voter registration will be allowed this year, however, Seaman does not advise waiting until Election Day because the Election Center will be very busy that day.

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