Update Saturday, August 17 : The McCall family and Mckenzie Woods have been found.According to the Missoula County Sheriff's department, "The family was found safe at about 8:30 p.m. [Friday] in the Schwartz Creek area after running off the road and getting stuck and everyone is okay. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers for a safe recovery."

Original: Missoula authorities are looking for information that could lead them to the whereabouts of a woman and her young family.

Missoula County deputies have reports from family members that a Missoula area woman named Rhonda McCall has gone missing and has not been heard from for several days.

Extended family members say that Rhonda was going to meet them at a camp site in the Gold Creek Are of the Blackfoot river on August 11, but she never showed.

Rhonda, age 43, is thought to be with her two children, a young boy (age 10) and girl (age 8). Also with them is a dog and two cats.

Rhonda is thought to be driving a silver 1988 Dodge Dakota pickup, with Montana license plates (license number 4C-58188).

Other family members report that Rhonda was headed to the Schwartz Cree area in Clinton rather than Gold Creek, but it is still unknown whether the McCall family went to either location. Searches at both sites have returned nothing so far.

Rhonda is said to be experienced in outdoor activities and there is no information so far that she or her family is in distress or that there is any criminal activity involved. Still, the length of absence has both the Missoula County Sheriff's Department and Rhonda's family concerned. If anyone has indications to the McCall's whereabouts they are asked to call 911.

McKenzy Woods (age 10)                                Rhonda McCall

Photo courtesy of Missoula County Sheriff's Department