In Western Montana, area jails have had new inmates over the weekend after several DUI arrests.

NBC Montana reports that with slogans like "Don't drink and drive" and "Drive sober or get pulled over," law enforcement officials encourage drivers to be safe and think ahead.

"It's one thing to go out and have fun and drink a few beers," said Butte resident Lafe Boucher, "but when you decide to drive and endanger other people, that's where there's the real problem."

More than one dozen people across Western Montana did not heed to that advice over the weekend.

"Even the first one should be taken care of because there are a lot of people that are getting hit and run and hurt because of the other person drinking," said Butte resident Roxie Powers.

From Friday to Sunday, six people have been locked up in the Gallatin County Detention Center for driving under the influence. Missoula County police officials arrested five people. Flathead County's law enforcement officials told NBC Montana that eight people were arrested in their county. There were no DUI arrests in Butte-Silver Bow.

Officials said those numbers are typical in most of these counties, but rather high in the Flathead.

Butte residents said with the holidays approaching, they're planning to stay safe by not getting behind the wheel after having drinks.

"The days that I do drink, I'll probably end up either getting a cab or finding a friend to ride home with and leaving the car at home, said Boucher.

"If I happen to stay for dinner and I'm maybe having half a glass with dinner and half a glass after dinner, I don't go anywhere until I feel like I'm OK to go anywhere or I get a ride," Powers said.

People like Boucher and Powers said they hope others will do the same, so the holidays can be safe and fun.

Law enforcement officials said the number of DUI arrests go up during the holidays because there are more people on the roadways.