Here at 1290 KGVO we pride ourselves on bringing you the most current, up-to-date local news, regional news, weather and sports. In order to continue to provide great news coverage here in Western Montana we made a few changes to our morning schedule. Montana Morning offers news every 15 minutes, weather every 10 minutes and sports twice an hour. All of the great features we have offered in the past continue to remain apart of our show but may have made a slight time change. Thank you for listening to 1290 KGVO and be sure to listen to us here, on the website. Below is a list of times our features currently are running.

Sports with Brandon Baney: 6:13, 6:41, 7:13,7:41,8:13 am

Griz Biz with Mick Holien: 7:19, 8:19 am

Second Take with Ed Nesselroad: 6:19, 8:24 am

Montana Economic Minute with Patrick Barkey: 6:25, 7:26 am

Sean Hannity Morning Update: 6:23 am

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: 6:51 am

Daily Update with Hookem' Harry: 6:43, 7:43 am

Montana Forestry Minute with Peter Kolb: 6:54, 7:54 am

Money Page: 6:57, 7:57 am

The Final Verdict: 7:24 am

Morning Ag Report: 7:51 am