In a public report dropped just at the close of business last Friday, the President has disclosed the names and salaries of all 454 of his White House staffers. Keep in mind that none of these individuals are involved with running the domestic affairs of the White House or in defending the President, and it quickly becomes surprising how much the people of the U.S. are paying for cursory and unneeded positions.

With a total of over 37 million dollars, the Obama White House fails to spread the wealth very well, placing nearly 172,200 in the pockets of 21 individuals (most of whom are "Assistants") and leaving the bottom three on the list with nothing.  More than a quarter of the jobs are paid a six figure income ON TOP of all of the side benefits of working in the government (healthcare, access to power, e.t.c). The White House Ethics Adviser (arguably a necessary position in this White House) for example makes $155,500. Read the list for yourself and tell us what you think.