Every weekend on 1290 KGVO, we bring you two community affair programs titled "Community Viewpoint" and "Live Missoula", respectively.

Each month, I am responsible for producing one recording of each show. It just so happens that I tackled both shows this weekend, and some interesting discussions took place.

For "Community Viewpoint" (Sunday at 8:00 AM), I interviewed Big Sky State Games Executive Director Karen Sanford Gall.

The Big Sky State Games are held in Billings every summer and have been dubbed "Montana's Olympics". Over 4,000 athletes will compete in 37 different events next weekend.

In addition to tradional sports like basketball, volleyball and golf, a variety of unique sports take place as well, such as pickleball, horse and pony shows, and armwrestling.

Then on "Live Missoula" (Sunday at 10:00 AM), I talked with Bitterroot Bucs American Legion baseball coaches Deric Stephens and Luke Topp.

The Bucs have endured a trying season following the death of coach Phil Perez in May. Their biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up on Tuesday, and the team can use as much support as possible.

So be sure to tune in to this weekends' editions of "Community Viewpoint" and "Live Missoula" for a refreshing break from the usual political and news-oriented broadcasts.