HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The new three-year contract for Montana men's basketball coach Wayne Tinkle includes a requirement that the Griz generate at least $80,000 each year in game guarantees.

It also allows Tinkle and his assistants to share any additional money up to $150,000 brought in by the so-called "money games."

The contract the school announced Friday sets Tinkle's base pay at $135,000 a year, along with various benefits, pay for coaches' shows and bonuses for team academic and athletic success.

Tinkle says he has been required to play one so-called "money game" in each of the past several years to help support other sports programs. But the new provision allows the school to give the men's coaches a more competitive salary without using state money.

"Money games" are road games played against large, highly competitive schools in exchange for a guaranteed payment to the visiting school.