We only have two months of Talk Back shows left this year. Here's who we'll be talking with this week:

On Monday, we will speak with Montana Public Service Commissioner Bob Lake. Lake is the commissioner for the region that covers Missoula and will explain the PSC's position on what will happen as the city attempts to acquire ownership of the city's water system.

Tuesday is Election Day! It's also that time of the month when we get to speak with our favorite constitutional law scholar Robert Natelson. As usual, Natelson will answer all of your constitutional questions while Peter and Jon step aside and look like fools. Good times!

On Wednesday, we will talk about the outcomes from the Missoula elections and unleash the phones for callers.

On Thursday, we will speak to Alliance for the Wild Rockies spokesman Mike Garrity. Garrity is a long time advocate for wildlife and a consistent voice in the logging vs. habitat debates in Montana. Garrity has made powerful enemies in the state over his fight to prevent logging in sensitive areas through lawsuits. We will find out why Garrity takes up this cause and whether or not logging, lynx and grizzly bears can co-habitate.

On Friday, we will round out the week with our friendly CPA Walt Kero. Kero will be in studio with us, so jot down your tax questions and we'll get the pro to answer them.