March is almost over and on Talk Back we plan on pushing winter out the door with a good gust of hot air. We'll be talking about everything from politics and healthcare, to human trafficking and murder. Here's the line-up.

On Monday, we'll start with a full hour and a half of open phones. Who knows what we'll talk about: conspiracies about snow? Global domination? Cheesecake? I never know what to expect, but it's always fun.

On Tuesday, MSU political science professor Dave Parker will join us for a look at the candidates and the numbers behind the 2014 elections.

On Wednesday, we will host the Montana World Affairs Council as they bring Global Eye founder Fiarchra Kearney to the microphone. Kearney and his group monitor all manner of illegal trafficking, including humans, in Africa.

On Thursday, we will speak with Bureau of Business and Economic Resources Director of Health Care Industry Resource Bryce Ward about all manner of healthcare related topics. Would Missoula be better off with just one hospital system? Is Obamacare on the right track? What changes are on the way?

On Friday, we will speak with Montana mom Mary Todd who is still trying to find justice after her son Shane Todd was found dead in a Singaporean hotel. The Todds believe (with much evidence) that Shane was murdered, while Singapore authorities say he committed suicide. We last covered this story in the summer, has anything changed over the winter?

Well, that's the line-up, hope you enjoy!