It's the beginning of a new month for Talk Back and that means we get to kick off the week with two of our favorite guests. Here's a peek at who we'll have on the mic.

On Monday, tax maestro Walt Kero off JCCS will be with us to discuss all things tax related. This week, Walt has managed to get his hand on a ten page document from the staff over at the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. The document is full of proposals on how to streamline the tax system and/or make it more fair. Walt has his comments, and we are eager to hear yours.

On Tuesday, we will have legal scholar Rob Natelson on the air to untangle all of your constitutional conundrums. Curious on whether or not the Constitution itself is unconstitutional? How about the importance of historical research in the practice of law? Rob will have answers to these questions and more!

On Wednesday, we will likely have a few minutes of open phones followed by a conversation with Dylan Todd. Todd's brother Shane may have been murdered in Singapore. The Todd family recently returned from a coroner's inquest in Singapore where they found the hearing so outrageous that they walked out.

On Thursday, we will spend a half hour talking about aspergers, its effects and treatment, with an aspergers support group. After that we will speak with Mark Mills from the Manhattan Institute about America's energy policy and ways to correct the system.

On Friday, we will close out the week with a round of open phones.

Have a great week!