It's another week of Talk Back-tastic programming. Here's a look at what's on the way.

We will kick the week off by talking about ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) with John Wilkins and Dennis Morgan. Tell us what you think about the possible changes to Missoula's housing code.

Tuesday is another World Affairs Council session. This time, Israeli Ambassador Philip Wilcox will be with us to talk about the recent elections, Palastine, and anything else that you want to ask about.

On Wednesday, I hope to be speaking with an expert from the Montana Department of Health on the issue of the flu shot. My wish is that we can find someone that can take on tough questions about the flu shot and issues about its safety, however, I am still waiting for confirmation.

On Thursday, Jeremy Carpenter from Amrerican Majority will be in studio. Carpenter is attempting to start a new political orginization group in Montana.

On Friday, Carl Graham of the Montana Policy Institute will be in studio with us. We'll likely be talking about all the activity at the Montana legislature.

And that's all folks . . .I'll be back with another schedule next week. Enjoy!