Brrrrr, looks like it will be another long week of ridiculously cold temperatures. Find a warm place next to a radio and we'll help you get fired-up with a new set Talk Back shows.

On Monday, we will kick off the week with a round of open phones. No topic is off limits. Call in and tell us what's on your mind.

On Tuesday, we will speak with MSU political science professor Dr. David Parker about the way Montana's big political races are playing out.

On Wednesday we will Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council, an advocacy group that is pushing for more local management of federal lands.

On Thursday we will speak with Tyson Slokum of the Public Citizen Energy Program about ways to deal with both global warming and energy regulation. Slokum comest to us courtesy of the Montana World Affairs Council.

On Friday we will have open phones to close out the week.

This will be our last week with Peter till the end of the month. Both Peter and I will be taking vacations in the near future, but fret not, the whole Talk Back gang will be back soon.