This first paragraph is not about Talk Back, but Venus flytraps are so much fun I had to talk about our new pet. We bought a $5 Venus flytrap at Walmart last week and, after watching it devour three flies (you can still see the shadows of the deceased in the photo) I am officially declaring this the coolest house plant ever. It is still unnamed, but I'm getting lots of recommendations for Audrey 2.

Ok, back to work. This week on Talk Back we will really be talking about everything from healthcare, to pre-k education,  to the expansion of the Islamic State, and much, much more.

On Monday, we will kick off the week by discussing the recent nomination of Amanda Curtis to be the new Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate in Montana. Regular caller Sue Orr was in Helena to watch how Curtis was chosen and she'll fill us in on the details.

On Tuesday, Joe Balyeat, the director of the Montana chapter of Americans for Prosperity will join us for a discussion on the Affordable Care Act and the ways it will effect taxpayers this year.

On Wednesday, we will speak with policy analyst Heather O'Loughlin from the Montana Budget and Policy Center about early childhood education. A recent article from the center argues that Montana should pay for pre-k education and O'Louglin will explain why.

On Thursday, we will speak with sociologist Peter Berger about his thoughts on the expansion of the Islamic State (or ISIS, or ISIL, e.t.c.). Berger is famous for his work on the sociology of religion and has recently published an eye-brow raising piece titled "The Geography of Horror."

On Friday, we will close out the week with open phones. Have a great week!