We've got a full cart of Talk Back shows headed your way this week. Here's a look at who we'll have on the show...

On Monday we will kick things off with a conversation about eagles and ammo with Rob and Mike from the Raptor View Research Institute. At the top of the hour we will shift to a discussion about the proposed budget for Missoula, including the 3.8 percent tax hike. In this session we will speak with Missoula city councilman Adam Hertz, who has come out publicly against the budget. Next week we will speak with Mayor Engen, who supports the budget.

On Tuesday we will speak to three of the trustee candidates for the Missoula school district 1. We'll be speaking with Jennifer Newbold, John Fletcher and Shelly Wills, about Missoula education.

On Wednesday we will speak with our first Missoula Sheriff candidate Bob Parcell at 9, before then, we'll have open phones.

On Thursday, we will begin the show with a discussion about "Let's Move Missoula," after that we may have open phones.

On Friday, we will end the week with a discussion about health and nutrition with Dr. Joel Wallach. Enjoy!