Happy April Fools Day! Here's a glance at what's coming down the pipe this week on the Talk Back show.

On Monday, C.P.A. Walt Kero from J.C.C.S. will be on the air to answer your tax questions. I'll be asking him what he thinks about the two tax simplification bills at the state legislature, feel free to get your questions in too.

On Tuesday, former UM professor and current think tank gunner Rob Natelson will be with us. We will discuss the Supreme Court's prevue on everything from homosexual marriage to guns.

On Wednesday, we will be speaking with Phil Tunmarello. Tunmarello is a retired Sargent Inspector, San Francisco Police Department and has testified at the Montana legislature and in California on the issue of elder abuse and the issue of assisted suicide.

On Thursday we will speak with Richard Dreyfuss from the Manhattan Institute. Dreyfuss recently wrote an engaging piece on Montana's Pension system. Read the piece and tell us what you think.

On Friday we will close out the week with a round of open phones. Have a good week!