February 11, 3:30 p.m. - The prosecution has made its opening statements in the trial of former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson.

Adam Duerk from the Attorney General's Office gave a 40-minute opening statement for the prosecution, detailing the events that led to the charges of sexual intercourse without consent against Johnson.

Duerk referred several times to the fact that the sexual encounter that occurred between Johnson and the alleged victim started out consensually, but ended in non-consensual sex.

Peter Christian:

The prosecution detailed the alleged victim's visit to both First Step and the Student Assault Resource Center and gave a description of vaginal injuries, as well as a report of post-traumatic stress disorder after the event.

Information about text messages sent from the victim to her friends was also revealed during the course of the opening statements. Specifically, a text message to a friend after the alleged incident with the wording, "Oh my God, I think I've been raped."

Several times during the statements Kristen Pabst with the defense rose to give objection to the prosecution's presentation. The objections occurred when the prosecution appeared to be giving testimony on the behalf of specialists or characterizing the emotions experienced by the alleged victim or her friends. The judge overruled all these objections.

If found guilty of sexual intercourse without consent, Johnson could face a minimum of 10 years prison up to a lifetime sentence.

Prosecuting Attorney Adam Deurk