Hamilton Council Crunches Cell Phone Use in Cars
Tuesday night, the Hamilton City Council voted 4-2 to ban cell phone use while driving in the city limits.
The council heard over a half hour of comments, mainly against the new ordinance from valley residents, some of whom said they would quit shopping in Hamilton if the law was enacted
Hamilton Developing Walking and Biking Route Plan
HAMILTON, Mont. (AP) — The consulting company hired by Hamilton officials to create a non-motorized transportation plan for the city has released its draft recommendations.
The Ravalli Republic reports that the draft is an early glimpse of what could eventually become a guide for a pedestrian a…
Where Are the Worst Commutes in America?
When considering the life of the daily commuter, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t being sucked into a psychotic cesspool of road rage and suicidal tendencies while locked deep inside the great American traffic jam.

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