Talk Back

The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, April 7 – 11
Here is my submission to the bad parent of the year contest (that's Isaiah, 11 months old). Also, I submit to you the Talk Back lineup for the second week of April. Have fun, just be sure to wash your hands when you're done.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, March 24 – 28
March is almost over and on Talk Back we plan on pushing winter out the door with a good gust of hot air. We'll be talking about everything from politics and healthcare, to human trafficking and murder. Here's the line-up.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, March 17 – 21
It's another full week of Talk Back shows, in fact, the schedules so packed with guests there's only about an hour's worth of open phones for the whole week. Should be good stuff though, here's a peek.

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