Peter Christian

The Talk Back Weekly Line-up, July 7 – 11
Well, Independence Day is over, my 11th anniversary is over (love you Ruth!), and this Talk Back schedule will be fossilizing soon, because, at this point, most of this week will be open phones.
Montana News Headlines for June 16, 2014 [VIDEO]
So you woke up too late to catch the morning news cast? Don't worry, we've got it right here. Sit back while Peter Christian reads today's top news headlines. Quad-copter footage of Missoula provided courtesy of Zoo M Photography.
The Talk Back Weekly Line-Up, March 17 – 21
It's another full week of Talk Back shows, in fact, the schedules so packed with guests there's only about an hour's worth of open phones for the whole week. Should be good stuff though, here's a peek.

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