Mark Johnson

Egyptian President Says He’ll Leave
After eight days of protesting, Egyptian President Mubarak says he will leave office after the next election. Former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Mark Johnson tells us how Mubarak came to power.
 Egypt is the only nation in the region to have a peace treaty with Israel, uses large quantities of Ame…
Egypt’s Relationship To Montana
The relationship between the nation of Egypt and the state of Montana is closer than one might imagine. Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt and Montana World Affairs Council Founder, Mark Johnson explains how unrest could best be dealt with.
 Egypt controls shipping in the region with the Suez Canal…
Middle East Unrest
With unrest in Egypt, yeomen and protests in Jordan the stability of the Middle East is at stake. Former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Mark Johnson explains why that country must remain stable. 
In addition to buying a lot of wheat and having a peace treaty with Israel, Egypt controls shipping …