Why I Love Andy Griffith
I was sad to hear that beloved longtime television actor Andy Griffith died recently. I have always loved Andy Griffith. I have to admit that I am a little too young to have watched “The Andy Griffith Show,” but I was (and secretly still am) a big fan of “Matlock.&C…
Did Statistics Predict Tom Cruise’s Third Divorce?
When news broke that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had called it quits, many celeb-watchers weren’t terribly surprised. But while the impetus of the split is keeping the tabloids busy, statistics may tell a less-enticing story: this was Cruise’s third marriage, and they…
Naomi Watts as Princess Diana: How Does She Look?
Naomi Watts is starring as Princess Diana in the upcoming biopic ‘Caught in Flight’ and recently stepped out for the first time in character to film a scene from the movie. Now that we see what she looks like, is she right for the role?
Conan O’Brien Pokes Fun at Outlandish NBA Fashion
On ‘Conan,’ Conan O’Brien thought it time someone poked fun at the clothing NBA players wear during post-game interviews. Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, in particular, has gained some notoriety for bad fashion choices. Really, Russell? A shirt w…

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