Dogs Get Lavish $5,000 Wedding Bash
Most of us love our pets to death, and have no problem lavishing attention upon them when they are good. Sometimes in the winter, if we happen to live in a cold place, we might even knit a sweater for them (especially the little ones). These days, if your dog is acting a bit strange, you can even ta…
Horse Euthanized After Trailer Accident
EAST HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Officials in Lewis and Clark County say a horse had to be euthanized after falling through the floor boards of a trailer as it traveled through East Helena on U.S. Highway 12.
The Independent Record reports a concerned motorist called officials at 8:45 a...
Couple Spends Six Figures to Clone Dead Dog
Losing a loved one is never easy. Some of us would pay top dollar to get back a child, a significant other, or a best friend that left us too soon. But what about a dog?
Money is no issue for Edgar and Nina Otto who lost their 11-year-old Golden Labrador, Sir Lancelot, to cancer four years ago. So, h…
Adorably Depressed Cat Sings the Blues
If it’s true that one must suffer in order to sing the blues, then this cat must have been put through the wringer. Poor kitty! He’s been down so long, it’s starting to look like up.
Fat Dog Problem
Until a few years ago, I did not have this problem. My dog has not always been fat. When she was a puppy, she always had large paws, so we knew she would be big, but we never expected her to be this big. She is very sweet and great with the kids, but she does have a tad bit of a weight problem...

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