Montana Representative Steve Daines spoke about foreign policy in a speech on the House Floor Tuesday night. In the speech, Daines described an incident that occurred in his office while introducing Crow Tribal leaders to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer.

"Israeli Ambassador Dermer's cell phone went off," Daines said. "But it wasn't a call, it wasn't a text message, it wasn't an email. It was an app he had on his phone that many Israeli's have to warn them of impending rocket attacks. It was a sober realization that each time his phone made that noise, fearful Israeli families had seconds to scramble for their lives."

Daines followed up the story by picking sides in the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

"As the Israeli people remain steadfast in confronting these threats, they deserve our unyielding support now and in the future," Daines said. "America's commitment to Israel must never waiver. We must stand with Israel."

According to Daines’ staffers, the Montana congressman was one of “several members of Congress that wanted to take to the House floor to speak about the importance of supporting Israel.”