During the early morning hours of July 21, a 39 year old female (local resident) was walking home from a bar on Brooks Street when an unknown male attempted to sexually assault her.  She left the bar around 1:15 am and was walking near Shopko on Reserve Street when a large Chevy truck pulled up next to her.  The truck was described as champagne colored, 4 door, had a slight lift and was ‘really big’. The male driver appeared to be younger than his male passenger.  As the truck pulled up alongside her, the passenger started talking to her asking ‘What’s a pretty girl like you doing walking around’.  Hoping he would drive off and leave her alone she replied she was walking home and was almost there.  The truck drove off as if nothing was going to happen.

As she approached the Fish Wildlife & Parks office on Spurgin Road, she noticed the same truck again.  After initially driving past, the truck stopped, turned around and the male passenger exited the truck and started running towards her.  He was continually making vulgar comments as he pushed her to the ground, reached up her shirt and then tried to undo her pants. Somehow she was able to break his grip, retrieve a small can of pepper spray from her purse and spray him.  The female took off running, periodically hiding in nearby bushes where she watched as the male(s) continued to canvas the area looking for her for several hours. Her cell phone was not working so in an attempt to get help she would, when she felt safe enough, move from house to house hoping someone would come to her aid.  When no one answered their doors, she hid under bushes to avoid being seen, finally working her way home where she called 9-1-1 to report the incident.

The victim described the man who assaulted her as a white male adult, mid 30’s, approximately 5’8” tall, weighing around 250 pounds, bald head with no facial hair, and very large muscles.  He was wearing a white tee shirt and khaki cargo shorts.

Please help Missoula authorities locate these suspects and bring them to justice.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s office at 406-258-4810 or you can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward by calling Crime Stoppers at 406-721-4444.