Senator Steve Daines delivered his weekly Republican Address on Saturday, with his main idea revolving around health care costs. Daines said the Senate will be voting soon to repeal the President’s health care law and will work to replace Obamacare with state-led possibilities.

"Open season for health insurance enrollment began early this month and millions of Amreicans will spend the next few weeks working to find affordable health coverage for themselves, for their spouse, and for their children," Daines said. "But for too many hardworking American families, 2016 is proving to be yet another disappointment. Premiums are rising once again. In states like Montana, folks purchasing plans from the Obamacare exchanges are getting hit with double-digit rate increases."

Daines said Montanans need affordable health care, and coverage that is reliable and trusted.

"When the federal government takes over our health care system and puts the whims of Washington bureaucrats over the needs of hardworking American families, prices go up and the quality of care goes down," Daines said. "After five years of seeing President Obama's experiment with Americans' health care result in failure and embarrassment, the American people know that it's time to stop putting more Band-Aids on something that's so far beyond repair."
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