Little did Ronan High School officials know the firestorm that would erupt when Principal Tom Stack withdrew an invitation to  Oscar-winning movie producer Gerald Molen to speak to the Ronan graduating class of 2012. Initial reports said Stack withdrew the invitation because Molen had a reputation as a 'right-wing conservative', and did not want the students subjected to a political message.

As word spread throughout the news media, to Fox News, even to Glenn Beck's the Blaze dot com, angry and threatening phone calls came pouring in, not just to Principal Stack's office, but to that of District Superintendent Andy Holmund as well. Holmund says both he and Stack received death threats and profanity-laced calls and emails. Turns out, the whole controversy was just a misunderstanding. Holmund says Stack declined the invitation, not because of Molen's political views, but because he was not informed ahead of time about the topic of Molen's speech. Holmund says Stack moved his family out of their home for a few days because of all the angry calls. Holmund says the situation could and should have been handled better, and he says it will be in the future. Stack is just wrapping up his final term as Principal in Ronan, and will be working in the Clinton school district in the fall.

Ronan Superintendent Andy Holmund