This week, October 10, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks finalized rules that will allow Montanans to pick up certain types of road kill for consumption.

"The commission did approve an 'A.R.M. rule' [Administrative Rule of Montana] that allows individuals to salvage road kill, deer, elk, moose, or antelope," said FWP spokesman Ron Aasheim. "What happens now is, any animal that someone wants to salvage, they must have a permit for that animal. They can get a permit from a peace officer, or they can go online and apply for one."

The permits must be obtained within 24 hours, but animals can be taken as soon as they are discovered as long as a permit is obtained within the proper time window. Furthermore, Aasheim said there is no limit to the amount of roadkill one can salvage. There are a few other rules though.

"They do have to take the animal in its entirety and they can't eviscerate or field dress the animal there, they have to take the whole animal," Aasheim said. "It also does not have to be an animal that that driver hit, it can be an animal that's been there for a while if they so choose. They do have to dispose of any meat that they did take and is not salvageable."

The A.R.M. rule legislation will now go to the Secretary of State for further approval which Aasheim said will likely take two or three weeks.

Ron Aasheim: