The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Ravalli County DUI and the Underage Drinking Task Forces conducted Alcohol Compliance Checks on Saturday June 28th, 2014.

Undersheriff Steve Holton explained how the compliance checks were carried out.

"We have an underage person with their own valid personal ID and we partner them with a deputy, then we just go into establishments that have liquor licenses, and they attempt to purchase alcohol," Holton said. "If the clerk at the store asks for ID, that person provides it. We don't try to trick anyone with a fake ID. If the establishment sells the alcohol, we cite the employee on a state liquor violation, and then that information is sent to the Montana Department of Revenue."

Holton said 20 businesses were tested, and only four actually sold alcohol to the minor. He said the other 16 businesses refused to sell alcohol to the minor.

"They include the Victor Sinclair, the Long Branch Saloon in Victor, the Flying Kick Bar in Victor, and then the Rocky Knob down in Sula," Holton said. "The businesses that passed the compliance checks were: Victor Merc, Victor Liquor, Cowboy Troy’s and  Stumble Inn, Victor.  Town Pump, Woodside Corvallis Tavern, The Hideout Bar, Hamilton,  Lone Pine Store, Hamilton, Angler’s Roost, Hamilton, Mr. T’s, Darby, Casey’s Store, Stevensville, People’s Market, Darby Liquor, Dotson’s Bar, and the Sawmill Saloon in Darby, as well as Conner Store, Conner. They all passed."

Even though only four businesses failed the compliance check, Sheriff Chris Hoffman said a 20% failure rate was disappointing, since the training has been available for many years. Businesses can obtain training for their employees through the Ravalli County DUI Task Force and Prevention Coalition.

Ravalli County Undersheriff Steve Holton