Gas prices are still climbing in Montana despite plunging prices nation wide. petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says that although the downward trend hasn't hit Montana yet, the momentum is unprecedented.

"Typically this time of year gasoline prices are in an upward trajectory," DeHaan said. "This year seems to be the exception. Refineries generally are finishing maintenance and that puts upward pressure on prices as production takes a hit. This year however, oil production has remained through the roof and that has helped keep downward pressure on oil and gasoline prices."

Montana's price may have been climbing for the past month or so, but there is one city that has lower prices than pumps anywhere in the country.

"There's a situation brewing in Great Falls where some stations seeing prices under $3.00 a gallon ," DeHaan said. These are the only stations in the country where we're seeing that with some stations in Great Falls with prices under $2.94."

Montana's average price is up about a penny to $3.34 per gallon. The national average dropped a penny to reach $3.50 cents per gallon. The barrel price of oil is at $88.00.

Patrick DeHaan: