Watch out Little Grizzlies, there's a new youth football league in town and its called Missoula Youth Football. Former Grizzly great Scott Gurnsey says the new league will help prepare players to compete on their future high school teams, as they will be playing with others from their own neighborhoods. Gurnsey says one of the reasons Missoula high school teams rarely win state championships, is because players in other cities have been together since the third and fourth grades, and are totally familiar with their high school playing schemes, giving them a huge advantage over teams from Missoula.

Gurnsey says local high school coaches will be working with the players and teaching them the plays and schemes they'll eventually be using in their neighborhood high schools. Players will have access to top quality safety equipment and uniforms, as well. Click on the Missoula Youth Football link above for on-line registration.

Former Grizzly great and color commentator for UM football Scott Gurnsey