Talk Back is simply out of control. We've tried to pack the whole show into just an hour-and-a-half for far too long. It is high time to give-in and let Talk Back have another half-hour of room. Starting this week and stretching on indefinitely, Talk Back will now begin at 8 and go till 10.

Here's what to expect this week.

On Monday we will kick off the show at 8. Peter and I have decided that we will leave the new half-hour open phones everyday. We will also try to read some state and national news this hour to catch you up on the hot topics. At 8:30 CPA Walt Kero will join us and lend us his giant tax brain, get your questions ready!

On Tuesday, we will start with open phones. then at 8:30 Bradford Wilcox, the Director of the National Marriage Project will join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the institution of marriage, and what changes are underway.

On Wednesday, we will speak with the World Affairs Council and special guest Nuclear Engineering Professor Akira Tokuhiro.

At this point, Thursday and Friday are still up in the air, but at least one day will be an open phones day. Have a great week!