A new high-tech Missoula business, EDGE, Experts Delivering Global Education, has teamed up with Blackfoot Communications Group and Vision Net Incorporated video conferencing solutions to showcase the EDGE video conferencing technology.

Christine Johnson of EDGE said Monday, the company will be hitting the road in April and heading to the Bakken oil fields with the state of the art 700 square foot mobile classroom to conduct safety training seminars on-site. The advantages of the EDGE training system are that companies can conduct safety training without incurring the expense of travel costs. The training will be real-time and live, so that presenters and attendees can communicate face to face via video conferencing.

The EDGE system is already being used in schools and universities throughout the country and around the world, but with this trip to the Bakken oil fields, the company is broadening its reach to industrial and business clients.

Johnson said they plan to keep the EDGE training center on site in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota through September, but will return to Missoula for the winter.

EDGE Marketing Specialist Christine Johnson